1. Legal Mention
512 Brugmann Avenue, 1180 Brussels
Business number: BE 1001 973 475
Seeandsound specializes in the sale of electronic products.

2. Order delivery and removal
The customer's order is delivered - after receiving payment - to an address chosen by the customer. The client has a right to revocation for 14 days calendar.

The customer receives a confirmation email containing the products/services ordered and/or delivered, with as proof of the order a PDF containing a link referring to these terms and conditions.
Careful! Order with payment obligation.
The customer can choose the option "recover in e store" the latter chooses to pick it up at a Seeandsound store in Belgium, said item is ready in 1 hour the same day in a Seeandsound store in Belgium of your choice. The client has a 14-day right to revocation. In the event that the customer has not withdrawn his goods within a maximum of one week, Seeandsound is entitled to cancel the order or consider the contract to be dissolved.
Careful! Order with payment obligation.

3. In-store withdrawal
In-store withdrawals are to be removed in the Seeandsound indicated to the customer as a pick-up point when ordering. The customer provides a copy of his proof of purchase before the withdrawal. Seeandsound reserves the right to transmit products only if the customer shows his valid identity card or passport, if necessary with an original power of attorney and signed by the person who made the order. In principle, it is the identity card of the person who made the order that must be shown or that of the legal representative if the order was made by a legal person. The products remain available for 14 calendar days, after which the booking is cancelled. In order to avoid payment fraud and to search for it in the event of a judicial investigation, Seeandsound is entitled to take a copy of the signature that appears on the identity card or proof of identity in case of payment PayPal®.

4. Delivery and delay
The delivery method is indicated in a confirmation sent by email to the customer. The products ordered and booked are delivered according to the available stocks.
Deliveries are made by different carrier partners selected by Seeandsound based on the size of the products in the order and the services chosen by the customer.
Orders are delivered to the address indicated by the customer when the order is placed. In some cases, the delivery driver may have to ask for identification during delivery. The customer acknowledges the receipt of the delivery, with the signature of a delivery voucher.
Each visible defect of the product must be mentioned on the copy of the delivery voucher and it must be returned to Seeandsound (info@seeandsound.be) within two calendar days following delivery. In case of delivery, with installation each visible defect must be mentioned and communicated immediately to the carrier and Seeandsound.
If the order contains only small and medium-sized items, and if the customer is absent during delivery, the delivery driver will leave a message in the customer's mailbox, on which will be indicated the nearest post office where it will be possible to remove the item within 14 days calendar upon presentation of an ID.
For orders containing one or more large products, as well as orders requiring installation, our specialized delivery partner will contact the customer to agree on a delivery date.
Seeandsound cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of the product in the event of delivery by our partner to a location chosen by the customer other than the address of his home, for example, at the customer's neighbour's house or at a private address near the customer.
The customer is responsible for the delivery location chosen according to the delivery partner's terms.
Seeandsound delivers the goods no later than 30 days after the contract is concluded.

5. Pricing in Force
Unless the contract agrees otherwise, prices are T.V.A. and all other taxes included. Additional costs of delivery, booking, or other mandatory administrative fees are mentioned separately.
All prices are in Euro/
All prices are based on Cash and Carry. Additional services (delivery, installation, financing, etc.) are therefore not included and the products will be delivered for any additional costs.
Items purchased from Seeandsound's online store are paid for by the customer prior to delivery. No delivery or booking will be made until the total purchase amount has been paid. The price, including any delivery costs, must therefore be paid in full before delivery. A "remote sale" contract will not be written until a purchase order has been given to the consumer or e-mailed to the email address provided by the customer.
Promotions and special offers apply only within the limit of the available stock. Seeandsound cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to typos in prices or in articles, defects in images or changes made in the meantime to designs.
Seeandsound reserves the right to apply the correct price or unilaterally cancel an order if it appears that the price indicated and/or the description of the product or products (s) and any associated options are incorrectly stated on the website following a technical failure or human error.

6. Transfer of ownership and risks
Ownership of the delivered items is not passed from Seeandsound to the customer until after the items have been withdrawn or delivered and after the order has been fully paid. By derogation from Section 1583 C.C., items sold, delivered or installed remain the exclusive property of Seeandsound until the full payment of the invoice.
As long as the payment of the sale price has not been made, the customer is prohibited from pawning or offering the items or using them as collateral in any way. It is expressly forbidden for the client to make changes to these items, to make real estate by incorporation or destination, to sell them or to dispose of them in any way.
As long as Seeandsound owns ownership rights to the goods delivered, in accordance with the provisions of this article, the customer will remain responsible for maintaining these goods in good condition. During this period, only the customer can be held responsible for the loss or possible damage of the goods. The customer undertakes to insure the goods against any risk. The customer also undertakes to store the goods in such a way that it cannot be confused with other goods and that it can be recognized as the property of Seeandsound at any time. Each payment made by the customer will first be deducted from the unpaid amounts due for goods that have been modified or sold by the customer in violation of this article.

7. Right to revoke
The customer has the right to inform Seeandsound that he is waiving the purchase, without payment of a fine and without any indication of reason within the 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the item.
The right of revocation does not apply to legal entities or products purchased for professional purposes by a natural person. To exercise the right to revoke, you must inform us, by an unequivocal statement, of your decision to revoke the contract. You can use the standard revocation form for this purpose. With respect to the exercise of the right to revoke, the burden of proof rests with the client. The customer is responsible for any loss of value of the products resulting from manipulations that exceed what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the products.
The customer is asked, when the products are returned, to add the accessories, the instructions, the invoice and the proof of purchase. Products that will not be returned to Seeandsound in this state, will remain available to the customer. The time to make it available is 1 month, after which Seeandsound becomes the owner of the product.
If the right to revoke is exercised, the customer will return the products to Seeandsound by all means and at his own risk and expense. Shipments "port paid for by the recipient" and "for refund" will be refused.
For large products, Seeandsound may, at the explicit request of the customer, remove the items, for a transport fee of EUR 50 charged to the customer. The customer can also return the product to a Seeandsound store at no cost.
The right to revoke does not apply to the following products:

  • Audio and video recordings and computer software (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, hardware, programs, CD-Rom, video games, USB stick, hard drive, USB stick, etc.), including rechargeable phone cards that have been sealed;
  • Items of a clearly personal nature;
  • Sealed items that do not lend themselves to return for health or hygiene reasons and whose seal is broken after delivery;
  • Items that, by their nature, can no longer be returned;

The customer, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the consumer, must exercise his right of revocation within the 14 days schedule from the day following the delivery of the product or physically takes possession of the product, by recommended letter, by telephone (+32 (2) 478.11.78), and or by email to: (info@Seeandsound.be)
The products, therefore, can be sent within 14 calendar days from the exercise of the right of revocation or notification. The customer can also return the product to a Seeandsound store, without any charges. In the case of a single order but separate deliveries, the 14-day period takes place from the day the last product is physically taken. In the case of delivery of a product composed of multiple parts, the delay takes place from the day of physical possession of the last part of the product.
It is requested to return the products in their original packaging with all the accessories delivered and in their original condition. Seeandsound reserves the right to consider, in the event that the goods are damaged, incomplete or installed, the customer as responsible for the loss of value which would be the consequence of the use of the goods other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the goods, and an amount will therefore be withheld at the refund in accordance with the damage found.
To make the refund, Seeandsound reserves the right to wait until the product or products are received or the customer proves that all products have been returned. In this case, Seeandsound only accepts proof of the shipment recommended by bpost with the photo of the product and the photo of the mail parcel. The customer will spontaneously communicate, upon request, the number of the parcel in order to allow the search via bpost. Then, within 14 days schedule after receipt of the products or proof of return, as described above, the total purchase price paid is refunded, via the payment method used to order. No refunds are made in cash. Seeandsound reserves at any time the right to deduct from the purchase price to repay the amount of depreciation for which the customer is responsible.
If the customer has specifically requested a different mode of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery offered by Seeandsound, the additional delivery fee is not refunded.
If you wish to return the product or use your right of withdrawal, you can use a form already written for this purpose via the following link.

8. Receivables
When purchasing demonstration products/exposure models by the customer, a document will be submitted to the customer, who must be duly signed and in which he must indicate that he has become aware of the visible damage or defects of such products. This document must also be signed by a representative of Seeandsound, and will include, in the head of the client, a waiver of his right to still hold Seeandsound or its carrier liable for the visible damage or defects already found. The above provision does not prejudice the client's legal guarantee rights, as described in article 13.

9. Guarantees

9.1. Seeandsound offers a 24-month guarantee for any non-compliance, which takes place on the date quoted in Article 9.2. This guarantee includes repairing or replacing the defective property at no cost to the customer.
Accessories such as chargers and remote controls only have a guarantee of operation, only the devices have the 24-month warranty.
If, however, it appears that repair or replacement is not possible, that it is disproportionate to Seeandsound or would cause serious inconvenience to the customer, Seeandsound undertakes that, at the customer's request, it will be granted an appropriate discount or, depending on the case, that the contract be dissolved and the entire price is refunded, in return to the customer."
Any claim concerning non-compliance must be made in writing within 2 months schedule from the day of the finding of the defect concerned, or risk the cancellation of the right to institute such a claim.

9.2. The invoice, receipt or voucher are valid as warranties for the customer vis-à-vis Seeandsound. Otherwise, any other valid means of proof, such as proof of payment. The warranty period starts on the date mentioned on these documents. If the delivery to the customer is made before the date of the invoice, then the delivery date is worth as mentioned on the delivery document.

9.3. This warranty does not apply to parts or accessories in cases where the failure is the result of misuse, external causes, ordinary maintenance or normal wear and tear.

9.4. This guarantee does not apply in the following cases (the listing below is not restrictive) :d as the case where a third party intervened or handled the goods, while it has not been legally authorized by Seeandsound;in case of damage caused by fire, water (flooding) or lightning, an accident, a natural disaster; in case of damage caused by improper use, poor maintenance, abnormal use or any other use that does not comply with the instructions of the manufacturer or seller; in case of damage as a result of commercial or professional use or collective use of the product.

9.5. The defective goods must be completely empty when it is returned. On the explicit request of the customer and as far as possible, objects stuck in the defective goods will be returned to him, provided they have been mentioned on the repair voucher at the time of the return or delivery of the goods repaired or replaced. Seeandsound cannot be held responsible for the state in which the blocked objects will be returned to the customer.
In the event that spare parts or specific accessories needed to repair the goods are no longer available from the manufacturer. Seeandsound cannot be held responsible for the loss (partial or total) of the possibilities of use of the goods, without prejudice to the other provisions of art.9, more in art. 9.1.
When repairing electronic devices, data that has been stored in or by the goods to be repaired may be damaged or lost. Only the customer can be held responsible for safeguarding or reconstructing the above data, to the exclusion of Seeandsound's liability in this regard. Seeandsound cannot be held responsible for the loss or reproduction of data stored in or by these electronic devices. Please see our terms and conditions of repair.

10. Internet Risks
The customer is aware of the restrictions and risks associated with using the internet or any other means by which the website is currently or will be made available in the future. The customer is also aware of the risks of storing and transmitting information digitally or electronically. The customer accepts that Seeandsound cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the use of the Seeandsound website or the internet, as a result of the above risks. The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can be used as evidence.

11. General provisions - competent courts

11.1. If one of the articles of these terms and conditions were invalid or void or was declared null and void by a competent court, it would not affect the validity of the other articles of those terms and conditions which would remain fully applicable. If one of the articles of these terms and conditions is invalid or null and void or is declared null and void by a competent court, the parties will work together to replace that section with a valid article as close as possible to the parties' original intent.
11.2. All contracts between Seeandsound and its customers and these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Belgian law. Any dispute concerning the existence, performance and/or interpretation of these terms and conditions and all contracts between Seeandsound and its clients are subject to the exclusive power of the Brussels Tribunal.

12. Intellectual property
All texts, comments, magazines, illustrations and images presented on the website are protected by copyright and neighbouring rights, as well as by every intellectual property right worldwide. Any partial or complete reproduction of Seeandsound's website or catalogue is strictly prohibited.

13. info and after-sales service

For any request, the customer can contact Seeandsound Consumer Service directly:


Phone: +32 (2) 478 11 78
Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

14. Personal data protection policy

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15. Consent

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